Zen Float Tent Complete Review: All You Have To Know Plus The Exclusive Feature You Never Considered

Zen Float Tent Review

Ready to take the floating experience into the comfort of your own home?


I feel truly excited for you!


And I promise, buying a Zen Float Tent is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!


But wait, are you going through this purchase decision-making and starting to get a bit overwhelmed? I know that I, myself was going through the same thing when I was trying to figure out everything I wanted to know about the Zen Float Tent. Things like


Is it worth its price?

How hard is it to set up?

Is the Zen Float Tent affordability a trade-off for some essential features of the floating experience?

Are there hidden costs and benefits?

What are some unexpected issues that might come up?


To save you the trouble of digging out all of this information on your own, I have decided to provide


The Fullest Zen Float Tent Review You’ll Find Online


answering all these questions, and many more.


I am also going to talk about something that no one ever mentioned about the Zen Float Tent. I was quite shocked this feature has not been discussed anywhere, and I am going to pay special attention to it here on Float Tank Whiz, as I believe it is of uppermost importance for you and your floating experience.

Before we move on to the specifics, though, let us cover the basics. First I will answer some general questions, and then get into more details, including absolutely everything you need to expect when setting up your Zen Float Tent.


Is The Zen Float Tent Worth Its Price?


In my opinion this is an amazing product and the concept is just brilliant – making floating affordable for everyone at just about $1800. This is a whooping $8000 cheaper than the least expensive commercial float tanks!

As a quick answer, I would say a big fat YES – weighing the pros and cons of the Zen Float Tent (which I will discuss further), its value greatly outweighs the price. Zen Float Co have used top notch materials for their product and this is not all!


I can safely say that the few major features of the Zen Float Tent to be worth its price are at place:


  • Sturdy, excellent quality tank

zen float tank

I haven’t come across a single person who has reported tank water leaks, neither have I experienced any with the Zen Float Tank. I believe this is one of

the major issues one can be concerned about since a tank leak would be one of the biggest considerations for owning a home float tank. So here is one major advantage – checked.

Note: Do follow the instructions and fill the tank outdoors to make sure there are no leaks before you install it into your home.


  • 100% Lightproof

Another essential quality of the floating experience is that you enter a space of pure nothingness – and a major part for this plays light deprivation.

The Zen Float Tent is made of high quality materials that ensure no light leaks. This has been confirmed by all the reviews and opinions I came across, and believe me I dug out everything that I could before I started writing this review. I wanted to make sure that here I am reporting all users’ experiences (rather than just my own) in order to provide you with the most comprehensive, detailed, genuine and honest Zen Float Tent review you can find online. To be entirely precise, there was one guy who reported a very small light leak, but he also clarified that his room was exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, so as soon as he put blinds on his window, this tiny issue was all sorted out.


  • Excellent Heating System With Safety Regulations

Again, this is feedback that I can confirm from a variety of sources – the Zen Float Tent heating system keeps a constant temperature, which is pretty essential for a relaxing stress-free floating experience. Please note that Zen Float Co do mention explicitly in their instructions that your room temperature has to be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

68 degrees for a room is not a lot and this makes much sense actually. No matter how good a float tank’s heating system is, you will still feel chilly if the room is not heated itself – this sometimes happens in floating centers as well. I came across complaints that people did not know about this detail, but the company makes it very clear in their manuals – I was fully aware of this before I had to make a purchase decision.

I did come across a user, reporting his heating pads would turn off by themselves once a month, but this was one case I read about before v1.5 was introduced. With the v1.5 improvements this has been resolved with other users also reporting that the water heating is absolutely perfect. This comes together with Zen Float Co adopting a completely silent heat controller (another issue some users were mentioning in their older reviews).

Finally, what I also like a lot is that in their assembly guides – both written and video ones, Zen Float Co give clear warnings and instructions for your safety in case any electricity enters the water – so make sure you follow these.


  • Easy to Set Up

All users (including me) confirm that the Zen Float Tent is extremely easy to set up. As long as you follow the step by step instructions (the 11-step video is extremely helpful), you will be adding the Epson Salts to the tank in the blink of the eye!

The quality of the materials used by Zen Float Co and their no-fluff assembly instructions make the set up process a light, fun, enjoyable experience.

One major thing you need to have in mind is the space you choose for your Zen Float Tent. It is an extra pain (though not as huge as most people think) if you have to move the tank after you have set it up once. It would be a good idea to choose a dark, quiet room at a ground floor. A basement has the advantage of providing a quieter space, but it may be harder to heat as it will stay cooler even during the summer months – this is a tradeoff you must consider.

Still, even if you just have some extra space anywhere in your house – I believe you can make the Zen Float Tent work for you! Keep reading for the additional tips!


  • Flawless Ventilation System

This is something I don’t see discussed a lot, but I believe is an important advantage to mention here. The Zen Float Tent ventilation system ensures a good airflow, and it’s a major plus for the product that it never feels stuffy inside.


  • Effortless Maintenance

Once you go through the initial set-up and fill in the tank (which is possibly the most time-consuming of all – the Epsom salts take about 48 hrs to completely dissolve), the maintenance of your Zen Float Tent is pretty straightforward.

What you will have to do is add some water and Epson salt from time to time – every few weeks to be more specific. If you are wondering how much that would be – no worries, the Zen Float Tent Hydrometer makes it easy for you (I will post more on this in a more detailed setup and maintenance guide).

The other few major things for water maintenance are checking and ensuring the necessary ph & alkalinity of the water, the hydrogen peroxide concentration (this keeps your water fresh), cleaning and changing your filters, skimming the water surface, and wiping your tent by-weekly.

Once you get into the routine, all of these are quick and easy tasks absolutely worth the floating experience! The frequency entirely depends on how often you use your Zen Float Tank. An honest prediction would be that you will need to check ph and hydrogen peroxide levels twice a week, while your filter bag should last about 6 months (again depending on how often you use the tank and how clean your body is when you do so).

Check out The Complete Zen Float Tent Water Maintenance Guide Plus 1 ‘Secret Tip’ To Prevent All Water Trouble


  • Few Hidden/Extra Costs

Despite what others may claim, owning a Zen Float Tent does not come with a huge amount of hidden and/or extra costs. You should know that there is an extra expense for the salts and water maintenance materials as well as shipping. With all these the total initial cost of your Zen Float Tent may come up to $2500.

In case you wish to make additional customizations to your tent, you may need to spend some extra bucks, but this is entirely optional – with the v1.5 improvements Zen Float Co introduced, you don’t need to do that.

Plus, you won’t be seeing a dramatic increase of electricity charges – the biggest expense would be for keeping the room your tent is in warm enough. Additional charges vary depending on your location as well as where you have placed your tent.

Since I found it pretty easy to access this information before I made a purchase decision, I think Zen Float are being quite transparent as to what your additional and maintenance costs would be.


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And most importantly, The Zen Float Tank Provides A 100% Authentic Floating Experience Such As One In An Expensive Float Tank


I can safely confirm that once you set up your Zen Float Tent in a suitable area of your home, you would be able to enjoy a fully immersive, 100% authentic floating experience!

Needless to say, this has been confirmed by a variety of users, and here I will put some quotes I found on Social Media and forums:


“I really get an authentic float experience of a more expensive tank. I like the airflow it never feels stuffy inside. Had some really great floats since I have owned it.”


“ I’ve used one and was VERY impressed. . GO FOR IT!! “


“Wanted to add that since owning the tank I have made a breakthrough in my relationship with my wife. We reduced our daily arguing to once a month if that. Even my mother, whom we live with, comments about our improvement constantly!!! I also have been cutting my alcohol drinking tremendously. I don’t even keep alcohol in the home anymore, its more of a social thing. No more bars either. We are saving so much money! I also quit an 18 year drug addiction!! Mind you, the float tank lead me to these lifestyle changes, it did not make them super easy in any way. I thought the float tank would make these changes effortless, but that is not how it works in my experience.”


Since I have outlined almost all (I still have one huge revelation in the end of this review) of the awesome advantages of the Zen Float Tent, it is only fair enough to warn you of some minor (in my opinion) issues you may need to deal with.


“White mold funk” Issue

OK I am starting with this one, because it is something that has become very popular and many people are complaining about. I think it is mostly coming from early adopters, and I believe you should not have this with the new model, which has an additional pump installed as a response to user complaints.

I personally have not faced such an issue, and I believe that if you follow the water maintenance instructions, you should not have to deal with it either. I like to keep all things clean, and if you are like me, this issue should not concern you. Make sure you regularly clean the inside of the tent too. The few weekly steps to maintaining your Zen Float Tent become super duper easy once you get the hang of them.

More on this in the Complete Zen Float Tent Water Maintenance Guide


Sound Proofing

As you might imagine, the tent is not soundproof. If it were, though, it wouldn’t be so lightweight for sure. Still, I believe this is not an issue at all.

The first solution to dealing with this is choosing an appropriate space in your house. As I mentioned before, basements are likely to be more silent than rooms facing a street. Just choose the quietest part of your house for your Zen Float Tank.

The second step would be buying good earplugs. They not only provide a soundproof experience, especially when your ears are underwater, they also protect your ears from the salt. Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs are absolutely fantastic for this purpose, and they can be used several times.

If you really want to go that extra mile, you can also get some bubble wrap and create an extra layer which helps with soundproofing as well as condensation (especially if your tent is in the basement). You need to be careful to make sure there is sufficient air flow to the vents.

Also, there is the option to purchase a neoprene rubber anti-vibration pad and put under the tent. It will help insolate low frequency sounds and vibrations such as people walking and cars driving by.



You may face this if your room is not warm enough. Building an extra shell for the tent with the bubble wrap I mentioned before should solve the problem for you.

These really are the three minor issues you may need to deal with, but I do believe they are not that much effort at all. Honestly, once you go through the whole set up and get into the routine of cleaning your tent, checking alkalinity, testing and maintaining the water, the benefits of having constant undisturbed access to a genuine floating experience in your home are certainly invaluable!


As I am writing this, I feel truly excited for you getting the Zen Float Tent!

I know you will absolutely love it and never look back. This is one of the wisest purchasing decisions you can make nowadays.

Because, think about it – don’t we often spend more than we should on small stupid things we don’t need? Well, these add up and we could actually save the money for something that will truly contribute to our happiness and wellbeing.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way when I went through a period in my life when I was extremely short on money. Due to some circumstances I was suddenly left with a very tiny budget for a few months. I had no choice but to re-consider my expenses and only spend on bare essentials. This is when I realized I was spending so much more than I needed to! I realized some things were more valuable than others, and I found out I had been wasting resources while I could be saving them for something more valuable instead.

Well, the Zen Float Tent is the long term investment in your health and wellbeing that certainly makes it worth its price! I actually think its price is a tiny fraction of the value it brings into one’s life.

Before you make a final decision though, I really want you to consider this


Huge Advantage Of The Zen Float Tent No One Talks About

As I mentioned in the beginning of this Zen Float Tent review, one of the things that stunned me most is an advantage I didn’t see anyone discussing (not even the Zen Float Tent creators themselves).

A major thing for me, when making the decision to buy a Zen Float Tent was its Pyramid-Shape design. And no, not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Some time ago, I came across materials and resources discussing the special qualities of the pyramid shape, which are quite impressive. They are not only supported by studies, but there are entire retreats built with pyramid-shaped houses for healing and rejuvenation purposes.


The Pyramid Shape In A Nutshell

The very structure of the pyramid makes it an energy generator of a very unique kind.  Inside (and under) the pyramid shape, a variety of energy fields, such as gravitational waves, electro-magnetic waves, electrical discharges, and cosmic rays come together and interact with each other to produce the near miraculous effects researchers have confirmed in their studies (which we will discuss later).

And this is not all – the Pyramid shape is also known for the fact that it generates a spherical field, just like a 3D globe of harmonic vibrations – where the wave patterns are synchronous and rhythmic – around itself.


Everything within that field will move towards harmony.

How does this happen? Joe Parr, a member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association reports that all objects shaped as a pyramid draw in and trap certain mass particles and it is these particles that produce the orb-like energy field, also called a containment bubble that in fact shields out other energies.

This bubble literally cleanses the atmosphere in and around the pyramid, reinforcing all other elements and vibrations to move towards harmony and therefore making what is negative, positive. Consequently, harmful energies are diverted, and positive energies are strengthened.


What does this mean for you as the owner of a pyramidally-shaped Zen Float Tent?

It means that the positive transformative effects of the floating experience are immensely boosted by the fact that the Zen Float Tent is structured as a pyramid.

If floating acts as a method for stress relief, relaxation, a tool for healing, and a fast track for meditation – multiply its effect a couple of times and this is what you get with the pyramid-shaped Zen Float Tent.

You can imagine that any meditative technique is highly enhanced and boosted under a pyramid shape, because negative distractive energies are being kept away, while the shape helps you focus the positive energy within you. This means the pyramid assists you in every aspect of your floating experience. Meditation becomes even faster, deeper, and more rewarding.


Here are some studies to support the pyramid shape benefits

One of the more well-known researchers of pyramids is Bill Kerrell. He dedicated 17 years to examining pyramids, and what he did was carry out experiments using brine shrimp, which is known to usually live between 6 and 7 weeks. However, using the pyramid shape, Bill kept them alive for over an year! He also noticed that the shrimps grown under a pyramid grew two to three times larger.

This was just an intro – read on things get even better!

A whole lot of studies have been carried out with meditatiors as well. It has been reported that meditating under a pyramid has significantly raised the frequency of the alpha and theta waves in individuals, so if you are looking to achieve deep relaxation and boost creativity with your Zen Float Tent – be ensured that its pyramid shape will also be facilitating that.

It has also been reported that just spending time under a pyramid (without carrying out any other activity), people have come out feeling a lot more energized, rejuvenated, with sharpened senses and perceptions.

Kirilian Photography has also confirmed that spending time under a pyramid shape has resulted in the individuals’ aura becoming brighter and larger.

Another group of researchers has found out that the positive effects of a pyramid shape have resulted in the enhanced functioning of cells, tissues and organs. They have also confirmed that the study group has observed staying and meditating under a pyramid has resulted in deeper focus and an enhanced meditation experience.

Individuals who have spent time under or near a pyramid have also reported complete pain relief as well as the disappearance of illness and disease symptoms.


To sum it all up, the pyramid shape has been scientifically reported to produce outcomes extremely similar to the floating experience, thus amplifying its effects numerous times.


With this knowledge at hand can you have any more doubts as to making the Zen Float Tent the mini home rescue paradise you’ve been dreaming of?


I bet you’ll act pretty much the same as me – buy the Zen Float Tent now and sort the details later.