Absolutely Everything You Need For Your Zen Float Tent (Full List)

zen float tent checklist

When you are making a purchase decision for something like a float tank things could get a bit confusing.

Doing all the research, collecting the different pieces of information from various sources could be so burdensome that it could take away some of the thrill and excitement from actually bringing the floating experience into your home.

This is why, without further ado, I would like to provide you with a simple, no-frills list for absolutely everything you will need for your Zen Float Tent.

  1. An appropriate space in your home

This may sound like a no-brainer, but as I discussed in my Complete Zen Float Tent review, it is important you consider where to place your tank. The tank is 48” x 96” x 64” high (120cm x 240cm x 162cm), so you need to keep this in mind. You need to have enough space around the tent to be able to clean and maintain it. Smart positioning of the tent will prevent issues with noise and condensation.

Here are the full specs of the tent to keep in mind when choosing a space for your tent:

Zen Float Tent – Spec Sheet
US model (120V – 60 Hz)International Model (240V)
Dimensions48” x 96” x 64” high120cm x 240cm x 162cm
Liquid Capacity201 gallons706 litres
Weight of Tent100 lbs45 kg
Weight of Solution(Water+Salt)2100 lbs998 kg
Each GFCI is Rated15A – 1800W – 60 Hz50Hz
Each GFCI Will Consume0.05A, 6W0.03A, 6W
Heater Pads Rated2.7A – 325W – 44Ω, 60 Hz1.45A – 325W – 154Ω
Heater Pads Power (each)320W320W
Water Pump0.38A, 45W0.2A, 45W
Controller0.03A, 3W0.013A, 3W
  1. 900-1000 pounds of Epsom salt

You will need 800 pounds (363 kg) of Epsom salt initially, but the additional 100-200 pounds will be enough for you for a year of maintenance. You can get your Epsom Salt from Salt Works – they offer a high quality product and free shipping. I would recommend the medium grain, as the fine grain can turn into a solid block when exposed to moisture.

  1. Silicon earplugs.

Mack’s Pillow Silicone Earplugs are awesome! Also see 5 Zen Float Tricks You Possibly Never Considered for extra tips on using these for the best float experience!

  1. 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

You need this for water maintenance. Check out the Complete Zen Float Tent Water Maintenance Guide. You can purchase 35% Hydrogen Peroxide from here.

  1. pH Leveler pack and test strips; Hydrogen Peroxide Test strips

Again this is for water maintenance and you need to have them as soon as you get your Zen Float Tent. You can purchase these from Zen Float’s online shop here.

  1. A head lamp, gloves and goggles for cleaning the inside of the tank.

  2. A spray bottle for a diluted hydrogen peroxide mix to clean the inside of the tent

  3. Scum bugs to absorb oils in the water.

  4. A fine mesh marine skimming net.

That’s it! Print the list, get the items while waiting for your Zen Float Tent to arrive and be prepared for an awesome home float!