Zen Float Tent Customizations To Perk Up Your Experience

Here I will list a few extra set-up tricks to ensure an amazing floating experience with your Zen Float Tent at your home!

I have mentioned some of these in my Complete Zen Float Tent review, but to make it clearer for you, I have decided to put together a separate article, specifically outlining each additional trick/step you may wish to take.

  1. Condensation

The first customization tip has to do with condensation. Although the pyramid structure of the tent has been designed with this thought in mind, if you find it hard to keep the temperature in your room at about 70 degrees, you may get some drops while you float. There is an easy remedy for this – building an extra shell for your tent, using this bubble wrap.

This not only reduces condensation, but provides an extra layer of lightproofing, sound-proofing, and reduces the heating costs.

  1. Soundproofing

Back to the soundproofing tips. As I explained in my 5 Zen Float Tricks You Possibly Never Considered, there are cheap ways to soundproof your room. Check out that article to see what they are.

Here I will give an extra customization tip to help with soundproofing and eliminating vibrations – you can get a neoprene rubber anti-vibration pad like this one here. It will help absorb various sounds and vibrations like people walking and cars driving by.

  1. Leaks

Although the Zen Float Tank is pretty sturdy, and I haven’t come across complaints about leaks, you may want to be extra safe by building a spill berm like this one. I personally don’t have this, and am not too concerned about leaks, but if you are a person who likes to play it extra safe – then this is the perfect solution to ensure peace of mind!

  1. Deepen your experience

I believe an important part of any experience is that you enhance it and change it up, so it deepens rather than becoming a routine. I would highly recommend investing in an underwater iPod/Mp3 set like the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle or the Sony Walkman. This will be a nice addition to go with your Zen Float Tent, which will allow you to alternate sessions of total silence with the exploration of some meditation sounds, healing and relaxation mp3s, brainwave entrainment tracks, or just music you love (more on this in another article).