Floatation Meditation – A Literal Shortcut To Enlightenment And Heightened Meditation Experiences

floatation meditation

The rise in popularity of meditation is absolutely thrilling!

People from a wide variety of professional, religious, and spiritual backgrounds are slowly coming to the realization that meditation may prove to be the key to enabling them to live the life they want to live. Over the last few years, more than ever before, the pool of people, who are taking interest in the practice of meditation has been growing and becoming more diverse. Men and women, business professionals, corporate leaders, celebrities – they all have started appreciating the importance of taking time each day to sit quietly, seeking peace and better self-knowledge.

All this is not at all surprising, since the benefits of meditation have been highly researched and published. Furthermore, meditation has become even more accessible to the general public through the various tools and methods that facilitate the practice – specifically designed meditation and relaxation tracks, brainwave entrainment mp3s, and now floating – one of the most powerful non-invasive methods to quickly enter deep states of meditation.

The flotation tank and its sensory reduced environment acts as an amazing tool to facilitate very deep states of meditation in both beginner and experienced meditators.

Sensory deprivation tank

By allowing the body to be physically comfortable and eliminating external sources of distraction, the mind can become very calm. With the nervous system being relieved from its duties of processing the stimuli, the mind has the chance to bring awareness to often overlooked portions of itself and the body. The ability to bring one’s attention to the present moment can undeniable be an extremely enlightening experience. As you may already know, an EEG machine can measure the brain’s activity, whilst research has shown greater presence of alpha and theta brainwaves being more common among experienced meditators. The theta state is a fascinating state of consciousness to be in. These are brainwav­es that have a frequency of 4-8 Hz, and are experienced briefly every night as we drift off into sleep, and every morning as we come back to waking. It has been documented that

When a person floats, they can enter into these brainwave states a lot more effortlessly and effectively than with the other above-mentioned methods

The float tank gives us an extended period of time in the Theta state. Suppressed feelings may arise and be recognized, while lost memories – re-called, re-lived, and re-processed. Spontaneous creative insights and problem solving capabilities are increased. Out-of-body experiences and perceived sensations of oneness or wholeness while being in the theta state of consciousness have been documented as well.

The float tank has proved to be a shortcut to entering all these states of higher consciousness

which otherwise can only be reached through long periods of disciplined practice. Floating automatically brings about the conditions that are needed for going through a deep inward experience of the mind, thus becoming the most effective non-invasive shortcut to enlightenment.