The Complete Zen Float Tent Set Up Guide

As I pointed out in my Complete Zen Float Tent Review, the Zen Float Tent comes with some straight-forward set-up instructions, and thanks to the high quality of the materials, you will be ready to start filling the tank with water before you know it.

Still, I have decided to publish the most useful videos and additional tips you may need for setting up your Zen Float Tent.

First of all, I found this video extremely helpful and I recommend you watch it first, as it will give you peace of mind on how easy it is to set up the tent:

The full assembly guide for the Zen Float Tent with the different parts and written instructions can be found here.

Also, check out this helpful guide:

I’ve setup TONS of Float Tents, these are my favorite tricks

And, another thing you might want to be super calm and confident about is – what will you do if you need to move or replace the water in your tank. Great news! This is pretty simple too.

Check out this article

This is pretty much everything you need for setting up your Zen Float Tent, but the most important tip of all is – have fun with it!