The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them

“Let the experience of nothing give you everything.’’

The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them



Floating, or float therapy is one of the most effective, unparalleled ways to achieve ultimate relaxation of body and mind, through the combination of sensory deprivation and weightlessness. Floating involves exactly that – lying in an enclosed space, filled with the right amount of Epsom salt and water, so that the body can effortlessly float on top. The sensation is similar to that of floating weightlessly in space, providing a remarkable means to silence the mind, relief the body, and amplify the spirit.


Floating is now starting to be widely accepted as one of the most powerful holistic healing methods, and has been scientifically proven to bring a plethora of mind-body-soul benefits such as stress relief, boosted performance and creativity, pain relief, and many more. The benefits of floatation were first documented by research, carried out at the Ohio State University (USA), which demonstrated to significantly boost the creativity of Jazz musicians, improve the accuracy in rifle shooting, increase focus and concentration before academic examinations as well as many others.


Here are the


10 Undeniable Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating

10 science based benefits of floating

Followed by a ‘secret tip’ on how to further amplify them.


What is important to note here is that the following list of benefits has been compiled from more than 200 research articles that have documented the results of both numerous lab experiments and case studies, carried out between 1959 and today.

Instant pain relief


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


When we experience pain, the body needs to utilize a large amount of its physical and mental resources for healing. A lot of these resources are in fact used to constantly counteract the forces of gravity. In a float tank, the body is being relieved from this burden, which immediately leaves it with a huge surplus of processing power and energy which can be used for the healing process.


Floating has been reported to provide almost instant pain relief, the effects of which are long lasting. Floatation therapy has been used to successfully provide relief from:


Back pain

Neck pain




As well as accelerating the healing of broken bones and sprained joints. Float therapy has also been extremely effective in spinal alignment and physical rehabilitation.


Speedy recovery from injuries and injury prevention


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


Numerous cases have shown that during floating, the recovery from injury is achieved up to twice as fast, while the effects are gradually weakened a few days after the last float. This means that floating can assist in getting athletes back into form up to two times faster than usual, and is an extremely effective treatment to coincide with all other methods of physical rehabilitation.


On the other hand, most injuries have occurred as a result of overtraining, stress, and muscle tension. Floatation provides the opportunity to experience complete relief from muscle tension and very deep body relaxation, which not only aids recovery, but also acts as a powerful tool for injury prevention.


Medical Conditions Treatment


Floating has been show to assist the treatment of various medical conditions such as






Here it is important to point out that Fibromyalgia is a condition, which currently has very few known ways to be treated and relieved. What is extremely exciting, therefore, is that floating has been shown to provide a powerful relief from pain, not only throughout a float, but also from float session to float session.



Boosted Athletic Performance


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


Float tanks have opened a new door to significantly improving athletic performance in both a professional and home setting. The chance to fully relax and recover up to 2 times quicker while floating means that athletes can train harder and faster with the use of a float tank. The physical benefits of floating can be reaped from bodybuilders, personal trainers, high level athletes, and anyone in-between who cares about their body and strength.


It has been documented that floating is four times more effective than bed rest when it comes to physical recovery (i.e. you can rest four times faster in a float tank than in your bed). This is not only due to the lack of physical resistance and weightlessness discussed before – floating mimics the effects of deep sleep, without actually going through the REM cycles, which means a lot for people, who are involved in physical training. One hour in the float tank provides them with an ‘extra night’s sleep’, which means that rather than waiting for 48 hours after training a certain body part, one can do a float session and get back into training the very next day.




Last but not least, visualization has been proven to bring immense benefits for athletes, as visualizing is 70% as effective as actually physically practicing the skill. One shortfall is that getting to visualize can require even more discipline and will in the noise we live in. Float tanks provide the ideal environment for visualization, thus equipping athletes with another effective means to perfect their skills.


Stronger Immune System


As mentioned before, floating allows the body to free up a lot of its mental and physical resources. This happens both from eliminating all external stimuli, and providing an environment where we do not need to fight gravity. Consequently, this energy can now be channeled towards building defense systems, ensuring for a solid boost of immunity both during and after a float.


Stress Relief


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


Of course, one of the most well-known benefits of floating is the fast and effective relief from stress that it can provide. As I previously discussed here, due to the overwhelming environment in which we live in, the functions of our fight-or-flight response have been critically distorted.


We have been initially conditioned to process external information in order to assess the situation for potential danger, and this system was effective when such situations were rare and infrequent (i.e. a lion coming out of the bushes to attack us). Today, when our brains are constantly surrounded by a huge amount of stimuli, such as speeding cars, honking buses, and blinking advertisments, our fight-or-flight response is constantly firing up, which creates a state of chronic physical and emotional stress. This also means that the body is ‘busy’ taking care of the ‘danger’ it is in, rather than being able to process our most basic regulatory functions.


This inability of our physical and mental system to return to the comfortable state of homeostasis cause a huge variety of ailments and is the primary cause of serious diseases, including cancer. Severe stress can even hinder or completely prevent growth in our body.


This is why sensory deprivation is one of the best means to provide the body with its much needed rest. Float tanks are the absolutely perfect environment to provide your mind and body with full body relaxation – numerous cases have reported floating provides instant stress relief, which gets stronger and lasts longer when we make floating an indispensable part of our weekly (or even daily) routine. Floating has been shown to immediately stimulate the pleasure-inducing hormone dopamine, and documented to help with all of the following conditions:




Migraine and tension headaches


Burnout syndrome


Coronary heart disease



Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Fertility issues


And many more…



Enhanced Creativity and Superlearning


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


There is a solid amount of both experimental and anecdotal evidence which shows that one of the most powerful benefits of floating is boosted creativity and brain performance. One of the most famous studies is with Jazz musicians, who were subjected to regular floating sessions. The result was not only an enhanced depth and quality of their creations, but a significant improvement in their technical skill was documented as well.


There is also an art program, created by Float On, which involved the compilation of 150 artworks in a book. Artists admitted they went through numerous creative breakthroughs and enhanced personal inspiration during this floating experiment.

Hemispheric Brain­wave Synchronicity


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


Sensory deprivation has been the subject of study when it comes to synchronizing brainwave frequencies between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, and EEG readings have confirmed that floating promotes whole-brain functioning. So far research has confirmed the floating benefits related to


Enhanced problem solving




Enhanced cognitive ability


Weight Loss


Have you heard of our parasympathetic nervous system, also referred to, as the ‘rest-and-digest’ system? As you might have guessed, this is the system that activates our metabolism, and since floating has a direct effect on the whole nervous system, this is automatically activated as well. Additionally, it has been shown that combining the floating experience with specific weight loss recordings acts as a powerful tool for positively influencing one’s behavioral patterns. Floaters have been experiencing continuous weight loss for up to 6 months after just one float session.


Overall Well Being


The 10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Floating And How To Amplify Them


As subjective as this sounds, there is actually a psychological evaluation that attempts to quantify people’s general well being, which float tanks have been shown to dramatically improve.


As a conclusion, I would like to stress on the fact that all of these benefits not only last for up to several days after the floating session – the longer and the more often one floats, the longer they last until complete healing eventually takes place.


Wonder how these amazing benefits of floating can be amplified even further?



Well, for one, floating at home will give you the ultimate means of experiencing all of these benefits daily. The easy access to the floating experience further eliminates external stressors such as booking appointments, and driving after having fully relaxed. But this is not all!


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All of this creates a positive spiral of recovery and health that simply works to reinforce itself, putting you on a path towards a better life.