Float Tank Whiz was born from the pure desire to help people find the calm amidst the chaos.Whether you are an individual, looking for your perfect float tank solution, for new ways to enhance your experience, or you’ve just tapped into floating, Float Tank Whiz is here to help you make an informed and inspired decision!

Our Story

We are a small team of people, who have been through the draining experience of pursuing a corporate career and the hurdles of entrepreneurship. As we tapped into a variety of jobs, businesses, and traveled the world, we found a common denominator between us and all people on Earth – the desire for inner calm and a sense of security.

It is an inborn trait in each of us to strive for health and wellbeing, and no matter what our occupation, religion, beliefs, or personal traits, we have an inborn yearning to feel good. This is a need more people become aware of, and as we realized that, we decided to focus our future initiatives on helping more human beings fulfil this need.

We are avid seekers of inner peace, and our own experiences, combined with the observation of the rise in popularity of practices like yoga and meditation, led us to the realization that something was missing. We could clearly see that there was a missing link in the pursuit of holistic health, relaxation, and inner calm. In the buzz of a hectic lifestyle in a busy city where noise has become the norm, finding the means and motivation to achieve the so needed relaxation of body and mind has become mission impossible.

Having explored meditation music, brainwave entrainment, various relaxation techniques in combination with a healthy diet approach, we still thought one needs something like a rescue island amidst the storm. Jokingly, we had often discussed how great it would be if we could just teleport ourselves to a calm mountain peak for one or two hours a day – to relax, rejuvenate, breathe fresh air, and let go of all worries, at least for a while.

This is why discovering floating was like a dream come true!

Soon we realized floating is an experience we had to help more people gain access to!

We truly believe float tanks are to play an important role in holistic health and in a few years or less will be a must-have item for every home.

Experiencing the amazing effects of floating first-hand was not enough, so we tapped into research to learn more about the health and relaxation benefits of floating, and have set it as our goal to help you learn more about them here on Float Tank Whiz.

We have set it as our goal to help more people gain access to the floating experience

This means not only helping you make an informed decision for your float tank purchase, but also pushing news, resources, personal experiences, and useful information into the mainstream, so that more people learn about floating and its benefits.

Join us in helping people become happier, calmer, and more self-aware by sharing the Float Tank Whiz’ articles and blog posts!