5 Zen Float Tricks You Possibly Never Considered

(you can take action on those while waiting for your Zen Float Tent to arrive)

  1. Place your Zen Float Tent near a shower

Showering before your float is essential for keeping that water fresher and easing water maintenance, while showering after your float ensures you rinse the Epsom salts before they crystalize and cause issues like dehydrating your skin for example. You will have a nicer experience if you are able to quickly get into the shower while your body is warm after the float. An extra convenience that is surely worth it if this is feasible in your home.

  1. There are cheap ways to soundproof your home float room.

If you are a floating fanatic you may actually consider building a soundproof room. If this is not affordable for you at this point in time, there are a few cheap ways that will not only help with soundproofing, but will also create a special atmosphere in your floating space. Consider the fact that the floor plays an important role when it comes to sound travel. Knowing this, you may want to put a carpet on it. This will significantly reduce sounds and vibrations coming from around the house. Similarly, you can hang blankets or quilts on the walls that are both aesthetically pleasing, get you into the right mood, and act as cheap soundproof material. You possibly know that egg cartons have the same functionality, so you can put the egg cartons first, and then the blankets on top of them in order to achieve an eye-pleasing appearance.

Finally, consider the fact that most noises come from doors and windows that are not totally sealed. Installing a door sweep is relatively cheap and easy to do, and will stop sound from escaping and intruding from underneath the door.

  1. Take care of your ear canal

Did you know that using earplugs without cleaning your ear canal can seriously diminish your floating experience? It can be painful too (I’ve been there). To solve the issue, use ear wax removal drops like these ones. You could be amazed at how much your hearing improves too!

Plus, you should put your earplugs when your ear is dry. Therefore, do put in the ear plugs before you take your float shower.

  1. Make the Zen Float Tent pay for itself

OK, I do think that the benefits of owning a Zen Float Tent greatly outweigh its cost. Yet, if you are looking for some cash, too, here is an idea. The Zen Float Tent certainly is not suitable for commercial use, but what about friends? You can certainly make an arrangement with a small group of friends or relatives and charge them a fee for using your Zen Float Tank. You can set up a schedule that works for you, charge them half the amount of your local floating center, and you will not only enjoy sharing the floating experience with those around you, but also make it easier on yourself to cover the cost of the tent.

  1. Never stop experimenting

You never know how much you can get out of a floating experience unless you keep experimenting. And this gets really easy with your home float tank in the face of the Zen Float Tent! Play with the water temperature, the times you float (evening vs morning vs duration) as well as diversifying your float with music and meditation sounds. There is no limit as to how deep you get into your subconscious mind – so why stop where you are?